Man ‘Travelled 400 Miles On Bus With Dismembered And Foul-Smelling Body Parts Of Woman In Suitcases’

Police say that a man travelled 400 miles on a bus with dismembered body parts of a woman in three suitcases. The family of the man did not know what was in the bags when he brought them home in Markham, Illinois, having travelled for five hours from Kentucky, US

They became suspicious when he didn’t unpack after some days but instead, guarded the cases. Then “there were some early reports of a foul odor coming from the bags,” Markham police Chief Terry White said.

The family had received him from the bus station – with the bags -and taken him home. It was when the man left the house on Tuesday to go to the local library that the family members finally had access to open one of the suitcases.

“A human body part was discovered,” White said. “They immediately backed away and called police.” The man is now in custody and his family have been co-operating with police while.

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