Some people may not be able to imagine what it means to work alone. But the economic situation of the country has created a lot of ‘solopreneurs’ and ‘freelancers’. Even people who have 9-5 jobs do one of these to generate secondary income.

However, maintaining your motivation while working alone has been a major challenge for many. When you start working alone, you realize the job itself is not as difficult as being able to maintain your commitment to it.

It is therefore important to understand the things you can do to make you focus on the task, as most of these businesses don’t give returns until you have established a measure of commitment.

With no supervisor, boss or manager to look over your shoulder, you can sink into the social media abyss or YouTube varieties.

These tips will not only help you get things done, they will also help you to focus on the tasks at hand, enjoy them and get the best outcome:

Get Up Early and Go For a Walk

Include Short Breaks

Block Out an Afternoon for Social Activities and Networking

View Your Personal Schedule as Your Work Schedule

Listen to Music

Have Somewhere Else To Work for a Change of Scenery

Love What You Do

Set Tasks, Prioritize and Take Action

Attend Industry Events A Couple of Times A Year

Hold Yourself Accountable

Have a Vision That Drives You

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