Scarcity is a basic principle of economics and it applies to everything including time. No matter how much you accomplish, there will always be so much more to do. The onus is on you to improve your current work style so that you will be able to achieve more feats.

When you get more work done in less time, it increases your efficiency and gives room for improvement, growth and expansion. There are many strategies you can adopt to get more work done in less time. While increasing efficiency varies from person-to-person, the strategies shared here are applicable across board.

Clarify Your Expectations – Defining the deliverables of a particular task or undertaking will help you to channel your energy stringently. You need to know if a PowerPoint Deck, an email, a template or an initial sketch will suffice.


Cap the Quantity and Duration of Meetings – Meetings are a necessity in a lot of companies. When there is no clear-cut agenda and duration, they can be massive time wasters. Meetings create the illusion of progress, especially when they drag too long. If you must set meetings at all, make them brief and to the point.

Re-Use Previous Material – There is usually no need to reinvent the wheel. You can copy, paste and edit existing materials for your emails, presentations, proposals and training to simplify your work.

Develop Templates and Checklists – If you want to speed up routine tasks, design a template or checklist or search for ones you can use.

Prioritize Speed over Sophistication – Use tools that will get things done faster and better over tools that look or feel ‘cool’. 

Time Box Your Work – Allocate time to specific tasks and stick to it.

Finally, a strategy for still doing a good job in less time is deciding in advance how much time you will spend on a particular task or part of a task, and then sticking to it. For example, if you tend to over-invest in the research stage, you may want to tell yourself that you have to stop after one to two hours. Or if you struggle with coming up with an initial draft, then you may pre-decide how much time you would like to invest in getting something typed out.

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