It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious from time to time, but it’s not okay to feel like that most of the time. If you find yourself feeling excessively stressed or worrying endlessly about things, follow these steps:

Take some time-out – you may need to take a break from stress-inducing activities. Instead, listen to music, get a massage, or immerse yourself in your favorite activity.

Eat well-balanced meals – What you eat affects your mood. Avoid skipping meals. Always keep healthy, energy-boosting snacks within reach.

Get enough sleep – Your body needs additional rest and sleep when it is stressed. It can make a difference between crankiness and liveliness

Exercise – Exercise is one of the surest ways to overcome anxiety and stress. It helps to release feel-good hormones that make you happier and more energetic. 

Loosen up – Many of us are stressed and anxious because we want to be able control all outcomes in life. This is practically impossible. Put the issues that are stressing you in proper perspective and you’ll discover they’re not so bad after all.

Laugh – If there is nothing amiss, create one. A good laugh goes a long way to release pent up emotions.

Know yourself – It is advisable to know the factors that trigger your stress and anxiety. Is it your job, school or family? Write your observations in a journal and look for patterns.

Get involved – Helping to make life better for others has a way of making you feel good about yourself – regardless of your own situations or challenges.

Talk to someone – Usually, an attentive ear provides relief and release from anxiety and stress. Speak to those who care about you or talk to a therapist for professional help.

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