Without doubt, procrastination and self-doubt are among the biggest killers of dreams and goals. Procrastination comes as a result of the fear of failure (or success) and a lack of energy. People who procrastinate tend to become frustrated and end up accomplishing nothing.

Procrastination is a habitual downward spiral that keeps you from achieving your goals. You can break the cycle of procrastination and self-doubt if you make the decision – and effort to do so.

Here are steps to overcome procrastination and self-doubt:

Win the Mind/Body Game – Anything and everything you ever want to achieve or experience in life begins with the mind, but, developing the body is just as important. No matter how many ideas, solutions, and businesses you mind conjectures, if your body isn’t sufficiently activated, nothing will be activated. You need to develop a higher level of self-awareness to carry your mind and body along.

Develop Brutal Honesty – You need to be sincere enough with yourself to juxtapose the things you ought to be doing against the things you’re actually doing. Your time is currently going somewhere and knowing where helps you to understand why you’re not achieving your goals.

Third-Party Accountability – After taking control of your mind/body dynamics and realizing where the chunk of your time is going, you need to become accountable for what you do with your resources. Usually, this is ill-achieved if you report to yourself. But, if you get an accountability partner, it challenges you to spend your resources and time on the right things.

How have you been able to overcome procrastination and self-doubt in your life?

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