Every field of human endeavor requires excellent communication skills. Reading helps to improve your conversational skills. It enriches your vocabulary and helps you to know how to correctly use new words. Reading enables you to clearly articulate the words you want to say.

We currently live in Information Age where knowledge is the most marketable asset. By reading, you are able to broaden your horizon and expand your choices. Fortunately, any literate can cultivate the habit of reading regardless of age, economic status and level of education.


The benefits of reading are itemized below:

Reading is good for your brain – Joseph Addison said ‘reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’. Scientific studies reveal that reading can make you smarter.

Reading improves your self-discipline and consistency – Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with the Advent of social media. By reading a book, you are forced to focus which improves your discipline and consistency.

Reading introduces you to new ideas and invites you to solve problems – Reading stimulates your analytical thinking. It helps you detect problems, discover possible solutions and assimilate new information.

Reading reduces stress – When you read about something you enjoy, it is a great way to relax tense muscle and stimulate your blood flow. In a way, reading can serve as a mini vacation for your brain.

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