Intruders forcefully enter your house to rob you, take your family hostage, or for the fun of it. Home invasion isn’t limited to only high crime areas, it can happen to anyone at any time.  It is better to plan a defense strategy to keep you and your family safe. Here are safety tips to survive a home invasion:

Develop a Code Word

This code word that will notify your entire family that they need to spring into action. It doesn’t have to be a secret code that anyone can forget. Instead, use a word like “ESCAPE” or “SAFETY” to communicate the current situation.


Designate a “Safe Room” In Your Home

This is where everyone can go to at the same time. There may be cases where someone has to attend to the invaders so they don’t unleash violence. But it is necessary to send the remaining people (especially the women and children) to the safe room. Stock up the room with several specific items so you won’t have to go out. You should also have a phone with you to contact the police or someone that can help you. The phone must be on silent mode. You must never leave the safe room until the invaders have been apprehended, no matter how long it takes.


Seek Help

If you don’t have the number of the nearest police station to you, get it now. There are also some notable individuals that people call for help over such matters. They can keep the police on their toes to prioritize your call for help. Find a way to connect with these people too.

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