Businesses have to be prepared for the possibility of robbery and other security risks all the time. Employees must be trained in safety measures and robbery prevention. While prevention is key, they must also know what to look out for in order to aid security outfits in apprehending criminals. Here are some tips to keep your business safe:

  1. Have a clearly established opening and closing procedures
  2. Open and close the business with several employees present
  3. Inspect the business for forcible entry before entering the business.
  4. Search through the premises before opening or closing for the day
  5. Operate with a cash control protection system
  6. Train every employee handling cash in the types of attack, and good cash handling practices
  7. Make periodic checks to ensure all cash protection rules are being followed
  8. Keep a minimum of cash on hand at all times, whether in cash drawers and in the safe.
  9. Use a money safe that requires more than one person to open and remove daily receipts
  10. Do not open the cash safe too often
  11. Always keep money out of reach of customers.
  12. Do not display large amounts of money
  13. Exercise precautions whenever making bank deposits.
  14. Make bank deposits run during daylight hours with more than one person.
  15. Use different routes to the bank.
  16. Do not make any stops along the way to the bank.
  17. Make bank deposits at different times of day
  18. Disguise the currency bags in plain wrappings or another container
  19. Change the vehicle used.
  20. When possible, change the person making the deposit

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