Our desires for growth and progress requires goal setting. Goals have been defined as dreams with deadlines. Many people who set goals undermine the role of deadlines. It explains why a lot fail to start, and while some who start give up along the way. Science backs the fact that when you set a deadline for your goals and projects, you are inviting solutions. Your brain gets to work to help you meet the deadline.

Deadlines trigger us into a state of urgency. At such point, we stop thinking about excuses and work to deliver results. Deadlines also help to overcome procrastination. If you’ve been nulling an idea over and over in your mind, you may need to set a deadline to get things moving:

“I will publish my blog post in July. I need to curate topics and create 3-weeks content in May”

“I need to draw up my business plan in September. I must do my market research and feasibility studies before then.”

I want to build an active social media presence for my businesses. I must hire a social media manager by June.”

Setting a deadline switches on our productive mode, where we do our best work to complete things; not just start them. Deadlines help us to

  1. Waste less time
  2. Move forward
  3. Build our confidence
  4. Challenge ourselves to perform
  5. Achieve our goals
  6. Fulfill our dreams

Deadlines are the gateway to celebrations!

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