At a point in my life, I used five different alarm clocks. I snooze and snooze till it becomes evident I’ll be late if I delayed a minute more.

But this affects my plans for the day, especially the things I love to do early morning such as my devotion, exercising, and preparing a healthy breakfast.

Moreover, every time I decide to wake up early and fail at it, it lowers my confidence and belief in myself as my word to myself begins to mean less and less. Even when I decide to do something, a part of me already doubts I can see it through.

These hacks helped me overcome my morning drowsiness:

Just do It – The pleasure-seeking part of your brain is strong. Follow the 5-second rule and get out of bed once you wake up. A minute delay and you find yourself wanting to sleep more.

Define yourself accurately – what you say about yourself follows what you believe about yourself. If you believe and declare that you’re not a morning person, getting out of bed will be difficult. You are a morning person! You get out of bed the second your alarm goes off!

Look forward to the day – It’s easier to get out of bed when there’s something exciting about the day. If there isn’t one, create it.

Get support from others – Accountability is necessary to develop this habit. Involve your friends and family and make it fun.

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