Begin to take steps

Take your project and break it into steps, then mark each deadline until you complete the final step.  For instance, if you want to learn programming so you can be versatile for your job; break it into steps like: one month to learn computer science fundamentals and propositional logic, the next month to Javascript, and two months to practice algorithms and data structures. Achieving your objective becomes feasible when you tackle projects in bite sizes.

Retain your Motivation

If you wait till the last minute before you begin a project, you may give less than your best. If you start as soon as the need arises, you may lose your motivation along the way. The best way to retain your motivation is by setting a deadline for specific aspects of the project. You could offer yourself a reward for finishing each part. This way, you’ll retain your motivation from start to finish.

Avoid having too many deadlines

No matter how efficient you are, you’re not tireless. If you set too many deadlines, it can keep you in a perpetually stress-filled state. Choose your deadlines carefully, giving you time to rest and reset. Where possible, delegate tasks for others to handle. It’s not worth being an overachiever if you will be too stressed to enjoy the satisfaction of your own achievements.

Avoid substituting patience for a deadline Some things take time to happen and you need to let them be. A pregnant woman will carry her pregnancy for 9 months. No matter how eager she is to welcome her child, she can’t set her delivery at 6 months and work towards it without experiencing trouble. If you want to lose weight, it will take time for it to happen. If you want your sales to grow by 100%, you need to give it ample time. Some successes are achieved by setting things in motion and then waiting as they incubate. Attempting to achieve results earlier can abort the potential for successful.

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