Kemi Falodun Launches POBIN Project Which Archives People Killed By Police In Nigeria

Nigerian writer Kemi Falodun wanted the memories of people murdered by the police in Nigerians to live on. So two months ago, she initiated the Police Brutality in Nigeria (POBIN) Project, an initiative to document the ongoing police brutality.

While there’s an ongoing awakening to the pervasiveness of police brutality in Nigeria, Falodun thinks; “The cases that trend on social media are only a small fraction of what we’re dealing with. We often forget and move on to the next hashtag.”

Two years ago, she wrote about the Apo Six, a group of traders that were murdered by a group of Nigeria policemen then supervised by the then Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Ibrahim Danjuma. Until now, justice has not prevailed.

Falodun told This Is Africa about her inspiration for the POBIN project, “I was thinking of a way to keep alive the memories of those who have died because of police violence. At first, I thought of reading about as many people as I could and tweeting about them on the anniversary of their death. But I thought, people will forget tweets and threads. Why not have a place, a sort of repository where you can put all those stories?”

The POBIN project website reads, “The POBIN Project is our duty to memory. It exists to help us better understand the magnitude and devastating impact of police violence in Nigeria. There’s an avalanche of unreported cases beyond the small fraction that become trending topics on social media. By having a repository for stories of those who have been victims, we hope it will inspire us to demand more as a people and, more importantly, remember.”

“We also hope that, with time, it will become a data resource for anyone wishing to understand police brutality in Nigeria.”

The project has received gained support with many highlighting its importance to the process of ending police brutality in Nigeria.

You can read her tweet below:

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