Trustworthiness is key in developing meaningful business relationships overtime. Your reputation accounts for about 40% of your success in business, career or in any other way. A lot of Nigerians believe there is no reward in being a person of your word; but this is simply untrue. Consider the person of Taiwo Odukoya.

Taiwo Odukoya is currently the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos. He was a Petroleum Engineer at NNPC where he worked for over a decade. He was denied promotion consistently while he was there because he did not compromise his stance of honesty, transparency and integrity. He remained in the same position for years, after many of his colleagues and subordinates obtained their promotion and went ahead of him.


In the years he spent at the job, he became an expert at it. Government ministers consulted him for his expertise. While the ministers in charge of power and oil kept changing, he never lost his relevance. He remained a go-to person for them.

These minsters by-passed his superiors and consulted with him directly. His person became bigger than the position he held. He became more powerful that those who spited him.

The world is currently hungry for trust-worthy people who will maintain their honest stand in spite of the temptations and challenges before them. Be that person. If you don’t know how, stay tuned. I’ll be sharing some tips to become a trustworthy person later.

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