Many business ideas are yet to gain traction because the “conceivers” lack seed funding. However, many startups that had the starting capital have met a gridlock because they underestimated the impact of trust in their business success.

A clear sense of ethics delivers a strong message to clients, employees, and other stakeholders that making money is not your primary focus.

You can’t achieve business success without relationships. And the only way to build relationships that last is through trust. Even people that steal money seek trustworthy people to entrust it to. Ethical business owners are never short of clients. They may say no to many mouth-watering offers, but they outlast the ones who are shady in their dealings.


So when we say you should aim for trust, it is not because we do not recognize that people who lack integrity seems to get everything fast and without consequence in Nigeria. It is because, as lawless as Nigeria can be and as corrupt as the country can be, the only way to build a business, a brand, a personality or a name that lasts is by building trust. People must trust your actions, decisions, motives and intentions.

Nigeria, with all her exceptions still rewards people with integrity. She still rewards people whose words are true. And when she doesn’t, the world does. On a global scale, corruption will not preserve you, only integrity will.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing the story of a man who held on to the currency of trust and how it paved way for him.

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