Do you know that “bad days” are there for good reason? Yes! Bad days actually do offer opportunities for us to learn significant truths. Here are few to remember:

Gratitude – If you’re having a really bad day but you don’t want to become miserable, the surest way out is to practice the art of gratitude. You may not be naturally inclined to be optimistic on such days, but bad days can make us realize that there are things that are actually great about our lives after all; the things we may have taken for granted because of the abundance of good times, do become obvious on such days.

Inspiration – No one understands the weight of inspiration like a man who has hit rock bottom. After you have cried and sulked and locked yourself up or done whatever you do to help you cope with grief and loss, there comes a time when you make up your mind never to find yourself in some tough situations again. This is the kind of internal motivation that lasts longer than a counsel any outsider could give. Allowing this pure and natural inspiration find expression is key, on bad days.

Simplicity – Bad days remind us of the things that really matter in life. We tend to appreciate the beauty of nature, the smile of a loved one, the times we spend together, and the activities that make us love more than on days when we’re high and hyper.

We all crave for good times, but we also experience bad times. Making the bad days count by learning from them is important.

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