Everyone loves friends and everyone needs friends. This is because we are all wired for association, and what can keep us going is having relationships that are valuable to our existence and growth. Friends are treasures and good friends are irreplaceable but how do you get them? And how do you keep them?

First of all, what is the name of that person? A name is a personal asset you seldom use yourself but it holds a special place in your heart. When you call a person’s name, you are sending signals of recognition, acceptance and availability. Always address your intending friends by their first names.

The next thing is interest. One of the golden rules of friendship is genuine interest. This has been the leading reason why people stay as friends. In a world where you have several things contending for attention, you may not want to add more baggage to the train, but asking genuine questions about one’s personal affairs and empathizing will go a long way in writing your name in the heart of that individual.

Last but not least is going the extra mile. No one has enough, no one. However, one of the best ways of staying connected is putting yourself in the shoes of your neighbor, your friend.

Categories: Motivation

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