U.K. School Hires Emmanuella Mayaki, A 10-Year-Old Nigerian Tech Genius As Its New Coding Instructor

The tech field provides a large portion of high-paying salary jobs and offers numerous career paths. However, several marginalized communities are excluded from these job opportunities because they lack resources and access. Meanwhile, an Emmanuella Mayaki, an outstanding young Nigerian girl is defying all odds and has recently been hired by a school in the United Kingdom to teach others about coding.

Emmanuella Mayaki is not just a child, she’s a computer genius.

The 10-year-old coding and programming prodigy has received her first job at the Southfield Primary School in Coventry, England, as the after school coding club teacher. Her job description includes teaching kids her age about the basics of coding such as CSS and HTML. The school chose her for the job because of her extraordinary skill and knowledge in the area.

Mayaki entered the ICT world at the age of seven. She graduated with a Computer Publishing, Advanced Power Point and CorelDraw, Advanced Excel and Adobe Page Maker in 2016.

In 2018, she enrolled at NIIT to study graphic design and web development and also signed up for the development of mobile applications at Tech24. Afterwards, she developed her mobile app and designed her own website, “Emma’s ICT Academy.”

She is an expert in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, Graphic Design, Java and Python.

Mayaki says she agreed to teach children her age because she believes technology is the future. “In the club code, I teach HTML and CSS, as well as graphics because if you build a website, you need some graphics to add to the page. “ She hopes to learn more programming languages ​​such as Prolong and Lisp.

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