FAAN Calls Out DSS Official for Slapping Airport Security in the Line of Duty

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria has revealed how the head of the Department of State Services, Safiyanu Abba, deliberately obstructed security process and slapped an officer of Aviation Security at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

In a tweet on Wednesday, FAAN accused Abba of breaching the COVID-19 security protocol by obstructing the thorough searching of a visitor, who was said to have walked through the metal detector, forcing the alarm to go off.

The incident is reported to have happened on Wednesday July 17, 2020 at about 3:25pm at the international terminal of the airport.

In a statement published on FAAN’s official Twitter page (@FAAN_Official) on July 22, 2020, FAAN alleged that Mr Abba deliberately obstructed security processes. The statement reads:

“We note with dismay that Mr. Safiyanu Abba, the Head of DSS at NAIA deliberately obstructed airport Security process, and slapped an Aviation Security Officer who was performing his duty by calling on Mr. Safiyanu Abba to desist from doing so.

This happened on the 17th July at about 15:25 hours. He breached security procedure by obstructing further searching of a visitor who had just walked through the metal detector and activated the alarm.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria strongly condemns this abuse of power and the Security process in our airport. This has also been duly escalated.

FAAN is committed to our core values of safety Security and comfort.

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