The legendary prostitute, Beatrice “3$” Thompson has announced her retirement after a 54-year career that has satisfied 500,000 customers, including four American Presidents.

Nicknamed “3$” from the price of a blowjob at the start of her career in the sex industry, Ms. Thompson quickly rose to prominence in the profession.

She was named “Sex Worker of the Year” seventeen times between 1969 and 1992 by The Sex Workers’ Union of Nevada who also honored her contribution to the industry with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2011.


Beatrice Thompson says she had always loved her job and that’s why she didn’t retire earlier even though she could have done it years ago if she wanted.

“When I was younger, I could satisfy 50 to 100 men per day. I decided to reach half a million before retiring, but I became less popular and it took a few extra years to get there.”

Her last customer, a 34-year old man from Hamburg in Germany, says he made the 5400-miles trip particularly for Ms. Thompson.


Now that she is retired, Ms. Thompson wants to contact the Guinness World Records organization to receive the recognition she deserves for her accomplishment.

She has several documents to prove her claim, including tax records, employer records, and even tens of thousands of customer reviews.

The record is currently held by Louise and Martine Fokkens, twins who were both sex-workers in Amsterdam’s red-light district for 50 years.

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