Relax, Refresh and Revive

I recently read a discussion on a forum where people shared the silliest things they did to get out of a difficult situation. It amazed me how most of them found the answers they were seeking in the unlikeliest of places and ways. A particular lady shared her story.

She went for the NYSC orientation camp in the south east and during the documentation process, the official in charge said her ID could not be verified and she had to go back to her school in the south west to solve the problem. The lady pled to no avail. So she did the next thing that came to mind – she slept. After waking up, she went back to join the queue. When it was her turn, she presented the same documents to the same woman who accepted it without any fuss.


Sometimes, your challenges become more energetic and robust by parasitically feeding off your energy and attention.

What are the challenges you have been working on weeklong that seem to get worse by the day? Sleep over them.

Not a sleeping person? Then have fun! Sing out loud. Go out with friends. Cheer others up and have a nice time out.

When you return to the problem, its lifeline would have depleted and has no choice than to obey!


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