Leveraging on the view of the man in the Mirror

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

Hellen Keller was not born deaf and blind but she ended up being stuck with those two ‘impossible disabilities. She became a renowned humanitarian and first American Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. Quite something for someone who would have been discharged as a waste.

Keller’s first known influence was her mother who would not rest until she found a way for her child to express herself. She was struck with ‘brain illness’ as a toddler of 19 months and by the time she was 7, they had devised 60 signs to communicate with each other.

Her guide and mentor, Anne Sullivan was a huge force to reckon with. She took her through the journeys of know-how to match words with items, how to spell words and how to comprehend things well. Alongside her future husband, John Macy, she assisted in writing Keller’s first book

However, the greatest influence in making a mark was Keller herself. She had an undying quest to learn and she got there. Keller was said to have travelled to 35 countries in 5 continents. She also was at the forefront of combating the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition internationally – Her best motivation was from within.

She had an undying quest to learn and she got there

A horse can be forced to the stream but cannot be forced to drink. It is not much that anyone can do for you than yourself. Transformations best come from how you see the man in the mirror.

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