When the year 2020 began, it started with a lot of promises. Many people had the mindset that the double number will come with double blessings. So, when the case of the COVID-19 pandemic started increasing, many waved it off without caution. Fast forward to three months into 2020, major economies were already on lockdown, businesses taking the hit and the new normal started surfacing. The world has since changed the way it sees things, but what are the major takeaways?

The first lesson is that change is constant. Bearing this in mind makes it easy to always prepare for the worst. No one plans to be caught unawares but prepare preparation will always prevent poor performance anytime. Had it been that people are prepared for this season, they don’t need to be forced to stay at home.

The first lesson is that change is constant…

This leads us to the next takeaway: never stop learning. Many people think information technology and its perks are for a selected set of savvy people. Newsflash, the results came wrong again. Information technology is everywhere around us – shopping, daily transactions, research and what have all been made easy by just a click of the mouse but the fear of moving from the usual has always been a challenge.

…never stop learning!

Moreover, there are many other ways to do whatever you want to do. What you just need to do is to focus, you will get there – the pandemic taught us that too.

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