When you started your first class in general mathematics, you are always given a class example. Then comes a class exercise. The exercise is often tougher than the example. Of course, the examination is the toughest. Bottom line is life is not always as rosy as it is being portrayed to be but having a prize in mind makes the journey worth taking.

“…life is not always as rosy as it is being portrayed”

One of the first stories you were often told in networking is to try picturing the future you love for yourself.

The power of imagination is so strong it works like a magnet. Having to conceptualize the end is one of the easiest ways to motivate yourself through life.

All the famous inventors from Thomas Edison to Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell, to the Wright brothers, would tell you that they met obstacles they never bargained for.

Ask them what kept them going: simply having the mind of accomplishing a great feat, becoming a force to reckon with in the scheme of things and solving societal problems, be it local or global.

No one has the blueprint of how life will present itself but having the mindset that it will end in admiration is the first step to making a long-lasting impact. However, this cannot be accomplished except the mind that conceives the glory of the future stays positive.

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