The story was told of an old Cherokee who was engaging his grandson in a discussion. ‘There are two wolves within us’, he said, ‘and there is a raging battle between the two. The first one is Evil representing anger, jealousy, resentment, ego and any evil you can think of; the other one is Good – it is a pure reflection of truth, joy, peace, empathy, humility, hope, kindness, love, name it’.

The young boy thought for a long time and asked the question of supremacy. The question of who wins. To which the grandfather replied, ‘the wolf you feed’.

Many times, because of the myriads of events that we get to partake in daily, we unleash the bad side of us and call it a bluff not minding that it has reverberating effects. Being good and staying good is a conscious decision, the same with staying evil. The question therefore is, ‘what will you be remembered for?’ Is it the problems you solve by your acts or the ones you created by your inactions?

The story above is a reflection of our inner and outer struggles. A reflection of how we cushion the effects that could demonize us and make us less of being humane. We have to look closely at how we like people to see us and what we need to do to make it work. The underlying word being tolerance.

Remember: neither of the wolves is dead, they can be awakened by being fed!

Categories: Motivation

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