Having nothing to do for a long time is tantamount to exposure to the laws of use and disuse – whatever you do not use will deteriorate.  Stress in itself is not a big deal. Some advantages of stress being boosting of brainpower, increasing short term immunity and child development, keeping creativity alive and motivation to succeed, there is an optimal level of stress that is recommended to maintain sanity.

That being said however, there is a level of stress that is counter-productive. This is evident in many people that work in the white-collar circles. This is mainly due to the need to meet up with targets that have been passed down from the first level of managers to the next level and the next.

It has been discovered that high-stress level leads to depression, anxiety and deep levels of worry. Sometimes, it can culminate into the damage of vital organs like the heart, lungs and liver.

Although stress is a normal reaction that occurs when the body is responding to changes, when it continues without proper check, it is manifested in persistent headaches, elevated blood pressure, chest pain and other similar symptoms. It then becomes more harmful when people get involved in substance abuse, violent behaviors and unhealthy dietary patterns. When that occurs, it is time to reevaluate the causes. At this stage, seeking help is recommended so that there wouldn’t be a total system shut down.

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