This is the concluding article on our series on how to stay productive when you’re working from home.

Plan Your Task for the Day

It’s better to figure out what you’ll spend the day doing the night before. It also helps you to focus on the important tasks and not just the convenient tasks. Solidifying your schedule the day before also makes things feel more official when you get started for the day.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

A lot of the thing you need to do, if you work for an organization, require team effort. You may be able to focus on work in the short-term if you work from home, but, without appropriate feedback and interaction as and when due, going long-term can become difficult. Leverage on technology to remain connected to your team members, colleagues and supervisor. You can use instant messaging apps, and videoconferencing tools to remain integrated.

Take Clear Breaks

People have been working from home for weeks now, many, for the first time. The two major feedback is either that people are distracted, or that they’re overworking. If you’re the type who fully delves into the task at hand, you may find yourself marathoning on work without breaks. Schedule your break time in other to relax and refresh. You can spend your break on social media, take a walk or interact with other people in the house.

Plan Extra Social Interactions

No matter how much of an introvert you are, working at home all day can create claustrophobic feelings. You can enjoy the solitude of working from home and avoid feelings of loneliness. Create time to interact with other people. You can join an online exercise class or videochat with a friend. After the pandemic dies down, if you continue working from home, you can plan lunch date and night out with friends.

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