The first thing to do to ensure you stay productive when working from home is to know the ground rules. What is your target? What tools and resources do you need to hit the target? You also need to get started early to set the right tone for the day. Then you need a functional workspace dedicated to your home-office. Today, I’ll continue with some other tips that will work for you. Enjoy reading!

Structure Your Day Like You Would In The Office

You are your own personal supervisor when you work from home. It’s easy to lose focus without the external factors like meetings and presentations that break your schedule. To retain your focus, have a calendar with reminders on when a particular project should end and when another should begin.

Discipline Your Social Media Consumption

Social media is designed to make it easy for you to open and browse quickly. At work, though, this social media is easily accessible and can form a basic distraction even when you work in the office, under supervision. How much more when you’re working at home? To reduce the chances of spending unscheduled time on social media, remove them from your browser shortcuts. If possible, browse incognito so you can stay signed out of your accounts.

Work When You’re At Your Most Productive

Nobody retains the same level of productivity from morning to evening. The more work you do, the more your motivation would naturally ebb away. It is better to study yourself and realize when you get the most work done the best way.

By capitalizing on your most productive periods, you can schedule hard tasks for when you have the right mental fortitude. You can perform the less demanding task with a reduced concentration.

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