Getting Over Past Failures

We have long moved past the time when we viewed failure as a statement of fate. Now, we know it is a reality of life, and in some way, we understand that it actually helps us grow. We have even come to recognize that the greatest achievers — past and present — experience colossal failures.

Nevertheless, we still hate to fail.  We fear it, dread it, and when it happens; hold onto it.  We give failure power over our emotions, and sometimes, actions.  Many of us who have failed before go to great lengths to prevent it from happening again. We would rather stop trying than re-experience the shame and pain of losing. If you are tired of being at a mediocre level because of your experience of failure, here are things you can do to get over it:

  • Don’t make it personal
  • Take stock, learn and adapt
  • Stop dwelling on it
  • Release the need for approval of others
  • Try a new point of view

When you are able to move on from failure, it means you have learnt to lose the battle so you can win the war. If you are can see the big picture, then you know that failure is a phase in the process that leads to success and you will not let it stop your progress.

Today, don’t just assent mentally to the importance of failure, make a conscious decision to see your failure as an event, not a definition of who you are or a testament of what you can do.

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