Start with What you Have

“A life without a dream is like a cupcake without a sprinkle”

There has been no time in life when you have enough resources to execute any project. If you are not deficient in money, it might be people. If not people, it might be necessary back up from society. If that was not the case, it might just be dysfunctional equipment in the productions chain. But no matter how you see it, there is no better time to execute that lofty dream but now – you just might need to start, with what you have.

No one has any resources in surplus, from governments to blue-chip companies and private individuals. What most people have is just a dream. A dream to change their world, starting from where they are; a dream to challenge the status quo; a dream to ensure that the future generation does not suffer the losses/pains they have suffered.

However, to make these dreams come through, you need ‘dream drivers’. People that are excited to partake in your vision. These people are key – they are the most important resource in the scheme of things. They are the support needed to bring the dream to fruition. No matter what they are offering, financial, material or moral support, they are very important. In most cases, they are just what is needed to make the dream happen. They are the spark of light that in needed to start the bush fire.

Categories: Motivation

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