Monday Blues And How To Fix Them

If Mondays are known for anything, it would be the busy roads, full-fledged work, elongated meetings and massive reporting. These coupled with the fast pace of our world and the unregulated structure of many organizations in Nigeria has made the workplace a tedious environment for many people.

Weekends are a divine relief after 5 days of grueling tasks and activities. Saturdays and Sundays are the best thing to ever happen to a working class person. Until the alarm rings on Monday mornings.

Coming back to a working day becomes very difficult, leading to the widespread concept of Monday blues. Since Monday blues are a global phenomenon, it is easy to laugh them off as ‘the way things are.’ In some instances, they signify an underlying problem that something is not right at work. Ordinarily, if you are happy and energized, you should be excited at work, not tired and depressed.

Monday Blues affect everyone’s output. Whenever you are unhappy at work, those around you are likely to catch the bug and the lack of excitement envelops the whole team. If you find it hard to hit the ground running especially on Mondays, here are some tips to help fix the problem:

  • Define the problem
  • Prepare for Monday on Friday
  • Create a list of the things you look forward to at work
  • Unplug from work-related activities during the weekend
  • Get enough sleep and wake up early
  • Dress well
  • Be deliberately positive
  • Make someone else happy
  • Keep your Monday schedule light
  • Have fun at work
  • Have a post-work plan

Categories: Motivation

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