In the last editorial, we discussed the benefits of reading. Reading can improve your physical, spiritual, social and academic life. If you have made up your mind to read more, here are helpful tips to achieve your goal:

  • Set your reading target – If you are just starting out, you could decide to read a book a month. As you get used to it, you can move to more challenging feats of two books per month and one per week. The important thing is to know your reading capacity and start at par with it.
  • Find a reading partner – This point is often overlooked but can be quite helpful to develop a reading culture. Find someone that can encourage, challenge, support or even compete with you to keep each other on track.
  • Appoint reading time – One of the easiest ways to make reading a habit is by dedicating a set time and place for it.
  • Start with the familiar – It can be daunting to cultivate a reading habit if you constantly read books you’re less passionate about. Start with books that you find fun, engaging and interesting. You can then broaden the exercise to other kinds of books.
  • Join a community – There are several book clubs that read select book at some time. Apart from the fact that it enriches your social life, you get the support of other people who are moving at the same pace as you. There are several online communities you could join. Or you could opt for the offline communities as well.

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