Explore Uncharted Territories

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and executive chairman of the telecommunications, technology and renewable energy company, Econet Global. That position did not come without some elements of strive.

After finishing high school in Scotland, Masiyiwa wanted desperately to be part of the revolutionary forces that would liberate his native Zimbabwe. When he got to Africa to join the freedom fighters, he was told what the country needed was for people like him to help rebuild the country not pick up arms. He returned to school, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wales in 1983. When he got back to Africa, he began a revolution – a fight for what he thought was right.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe in his favour to operate his telecoms business (Econet), after the Zimbabwean government of Robert Mugabe refused his license, is regarded as one of the key milestones in opening the African telecommunications sector to private capital. But that was a long haul, Masiyiwa was at the brink of bankruptcy by then. However, his undying spirit did not make him quit.

The belief that there are no more areas to explore is a farce. Masiyiwa’s battles were in the 90s. There have been explorers before him and there will be yet more after him. Are you looking for where to make an impact? Why not look inwards? There are more territories yet untouched. It may not be easy but it is worth a try.

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