Your Network is your Net Worth

You might often have heard that a tree cannot make a forest. That saying would have won a Nobel laureate if it was a given that words do. Association is the one single thing that increases your net worth effortlessly.

Everyone has an aura around him/her and it can either be a fragrance or an odour. The truth is that the aura is mostly determined by the association s/he keeps. In no time, you begin to smell like the company you keep.

A wise man was once asked the question of why he chose to leave his old friends and find new ones to which he responded: “your allocation is in your company”. The kind of people you attract to patronize your products will be determined first by your closest allies. It might even be interesting to note that your first customers could be your friends – those who believe in your vision or that have a similar vision. That way, the cash stays within the pack. That is the first secret of the Arabs.

The same reason why similar businesses that exist in cluster thrive for long. Classic examples are the Silicon Valley in California and Broad Street in Lagos. No one keeps company with those s/he cannot touch base with.

More often than not, when you have an issue that is life or business threatening, you look within. You ask for the opinion of friends first, then others. That alone is an indication that your network will always determine how far you will go.

Categories: Motivation

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