Sharpen the saw

Not very long ago, there was a need to build a town hall in a faraway village. It was a huge project and only one person would be chosen for the job – there was no need to entertain inconsistency. When the time came for the two biggest contractors to bid, it was a contest. Two trees before the palace were to be felled. Duru, a modest old man, came with his old saw. It was a tool that had weathered the storm and still serving. Sojo, a handsome young man of flamboyance, came with every equipment one could think of. The fastest to get his job done would get the contract.

On the signal to go, Sojo started by driving his blows at the side of the tree. It wasn’t long before he retired to rest. Duru simply went to a corner to sharpen his saw. He did that for hours while Sojo pounced on the tree yet again. By midday, when Duru stool up to show his readiness, his task was quite easy. His tree was down before sunset and he was awarded the contract.

Sometimes having the best paraphernalia is not to the advantage of the owner, it might even be a burden. It is said that competence is key – this is not far from the truth. However, if it is not up to date, it will not take long before it goes to extinction, and this is the very reason why your skill must be sharpened consistently!

Categories: Motivation

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